Fantasia Audiovisual LTD is a Greek independent film production company, created in Athens by a group of independent film makers including the film director and producer (Stella Theodorakis) and film director and producer (Thanos Anastopoulos), Fantasia LTD is orientated in film production, open to cultural research and exploration of new techniques.

Fantasia LTD has produced mainly 14 feature films, many feature documentaries and several short films, and it is also coproducer in various films, that have made their premieres in various international film festivals. Most of these films have won awards in international festivals and have received national awards from the Ministry of Culture and the Hellenic Film Academy awards.

The films of FANTASIA LTD have participated in festivals – Official selection such as Cannes, Berlinale , Venice , Rotterdam , Karlovy Vary , Buenos Aires , New Directors New Films New York, San Francisco, Sarajevo , Mar del Plata, La Rochelle, Lisboa, Montreal, Vancouver, Adelaide, Geneva, Paris, Marseille, Oberhausen, Angers, Clermont Ferrand, Montpellier, Gratz, Geneve, Cinema du Reel, and many others, and have been also screened in European Film Archives. Fantasia’s production Correction and co productions Amnesty and the Boy eats the bird food were selected and submitted for the foreign language category Academy Awards. The Last Resort participates in 69 Cannes Film Festival Official selection special screening 2016.

FANTASIA Audiovisual LTD has participated in European initiatives, implementing successfully MEDIA and Eurimages projects, as well as European Co-production programs France-Greece CNC-GFC]. In 2001 Fantasia LTD has been selected to the Slate Funding scheme, a Media II Programme of the European Commission, for the development of its productions. In 2003 the company was selected to represent Greece in The Fantasia audiovisual L.t.d Producers on the Move event during the Cannes International Film Festival, and Close so close was supported by EMDA.

The company is interested in co-production with other European companies, and has co produced films with France [Arizona Productions], Correction Amnesty, also with Albania [90 productions], and Italy [Mansarda] The daughter, L’ULTIMA SPIAGGIA and Open Topic, Sujet Libre [in progress] were supported Co-production programs France-Greece CNC-GFC. In 2011 produces the feature film Amnesty, an Albanian, Greek & French co production, supported by Eurimages that made its international premiere at the Berlin Film Festival (Forum) winning the CICAE Award.

FANTASIA LTD has also produced films by shooting in African countries, like its late feature work in progress Electra another version of the Greek Ancient tragedy, in Senegal, and was interested in emigrants’ problems in the cities such as Athens, by Attractive Illusion, feature, co-produced with the Nigerian community in Athens.

FANTASIA LTD cooperates with distribution companies with a European profile. In addition, all feature films made by the company, were distributed in Greece by independent companies, as La Strada, One from the heart, or Film Centre, with the aim to promote unique independent filmmaking from Europe and around the world.

FANTASIA LTD promotes quality European cinema, proposing social, political and personal issues, reflecting the current European historic momentum, and it uses mainly original scripts for its production. Sujet libre is its last original script. The feature documentaries are also based on original ideas as Amnesia diaries or From the unique to the multiple, on political subjects like the What’ s your name?, the first ever feature documentary produced in Greece concerning minorities subjects in Thrace, under the umbrella of the University of Athens